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HydroMassage 55 zł
Manual underwater massage 70 zł
Pearl bath 40 zł
Pearl bath in brine bath 40 zł
Mud bath 50 zł
Chocolate bath 50 zł
'Cleopatra's bath' 50 zł
Bath in saltwater algae 70 zł
Physical therapy
Medical consultation (before the treatment) 50 zł
Measuring the pressure 10 zł
Magnetotherapy 15 zł
Electrotherapy, 15 minutes 15 zł
Ion Therapy 15 zł
Laser 15 zł
Ultrasounds 15 zł
Peat Poultice 1 pc. 12 zł
Ultrasound inhalations with salts / medicine 12 zł
Shock wave BTL 60 zł

Having bought a package consisting of 4 physical therapy treatments of the same kind, fifth one is free.

All the treatments are performed with the use of modern physical therapy and cosmetology equipment - BTL company.