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Many of us eat chocolate when we are tired or nervous! And the reason for that is fairly simple. Cocoa consists of theobromine which stimulates the production of a hormone responsible for calmness, relaxation and our happiness! That is why the body treatment with a cocoa extract hinders the signs of skin aging and helps slimming.

The treatment is mostly aimed at people who suffer from the fat tissue excess, cellulite and stretch marks. It relieves stress and helps to fight some inflammatory skin conditions. The most important ingredients of cinnamon are volatile oils, tanning agents, resins, mucilage and starch. That is why it is frequently used in medicine to treat colds, skin inflammations, muscle pains, diarrhea, impotence, etc.

This treatment is perfect for anyone whose body needs refreshment and revitalization! The revitalization is due to Vitamin B and C, oilgo-elements, enzymes and energy catalysts. One of the crucial features of this treatment is its bacteriostatic action due to potassium contained in the beauty products used in “Honey SPA”.